Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotel

The whole structure is entirely dedicated to promoting health and wellness and is being designed to accommodate a state of the art medical spa facility of 6000 m2. Here, every single guest will receive the Chenot medical and spa treatments, the checkups, the diet, and all within a luxury facility. Advanced medical aesthetic treatments are also available, a top-class metabolic laboratory, a cryo-chamber at -110°C, antigravity technologies and an altitude chamber for physical wellness. The intention is to detox and refresh the body and the mind. This will transform even a short rest period into a re-energizing stay. The luxurious Chenot Palace in Gabala is a destination "Health Wellness Hotel" that has been built exclusively to support the eminent Chenot preventive and wellness programs. The region of Gabala is the most beautiful part of Azerbaijan filled with a rich and ancient history. The astonishing nature, the pure air, and tranquillity make Gabala the perfect retreat in which our guests could conduct the detox and revitalization programs in perfect harmony with the environment.

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Open: 7/24

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Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotel

Address: Nohurgishlag. Gabala/Azerbaijan

Contact: (+994)24 205 44 11

8:00 am - 06:00 pm daily buses from Baku International Bus Station

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