Anadolu Restaurants & Catering

More than 23 years this mark exists in public catering of Azerbaijan. This mark enhanced the image of the most popular restaurant in the city. Actually, we do not tell just about the restaurant but about the whole style of food culture. Today ANADOLU chain of restaurants is the number of places which bring together people of Baku and the guests of our capital where they can taste sophisticated, delicious and healthy food, and get to know the best dishes of Oriental and European cuisine. The name ANADOLU is not associated just with the place where we can satisfy hunger but it is also associated with the idea of a CLUB where business partners and friends can meet together. In restaurants ANADOLU we can meet both representatives of the business life of the country and popular actors, public figures and people of art. All this was achieved due to the program “ANADOLU IS FOR AZERBAIJAN” which was carefully designed and turned into reality. This program includes both large charitable activities and a lot of patronage campaigns. As a result of such activities, a lot of talented representatives of modern Azerbaijan society consider the mark ANADOLU to be their friend who is able to support them at the right moment.

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Anadolu Restaurants & Catering

Address: Pushkin street 5, Baku/Azerbaijan

Contact: (+994) 12 498 66 08

17 minute on foot from 28 May Metro Station

29 minute on foot from Icerisheher Metro Station