Amburan Beach Club


Amburan Beach Resort is a semi-exclusive club with almost everything you can think off, giving visitors access to the beach, pools, restaurants and Amburan activities, while providing exclusive VIP areas for club members only. Amburan offers an ideal escape throughout the year. With a carousel of seasonal activities and dining options, you have a 12-month retreat just down the road. In summertime, Amburan best showcases its golden sands, gently buffeted by the Caspian Sea, where you can relax on sun loungers, drink ice cool drinks in the sun, or head to the sea for fun in the surf. In winter, cozy up in one of our private dining rooms and chic, modern indoors restaurants serving up a range of delicious cuisines, with entertainment in the sports bar and dazzling performances in the cabaret theatre. As a resort, Amburan offers the complete package for a fun-packed day out with family and friends. With beach sports tournaments, mini golf, shopping and fancy dress for kids and much, much more, the hours of excitement simply fly by. Feel the sea breeze on your skin, the sand between your toes, cosy up by a glowing winter’s fire or glam up at the cabaret club… find your favorite pastime and let us look after you. You deserve it.