Novruz Kids Party

15 March 2020

Novruz Holiday without Kosa and Kechel?

Impossible!!! So they haveprepared games and contests in TWO languages for the participants of the great festival Novruz Bayram. Children will be able to participate in all games, skits, dances and fun activities. A distinctive feature of the event is that the program is both ENTERTAINING and INFORMATIVE.It involves ancient national games, riddles, tongue twisters, national songs, dances and characters from local folklore. And especially Kesa Kecel and Bahar qizi are participating in our show.

The program includes:

The national cooking class called "Kata"
National dance
The Azerbaijani traditional Games
Show of balls
Fire show
Photo zone

Location: Studyland, Renessans Palace

Address: Z. Khalilov street 576. 13 minutes on foot from Elmler Metro Station

Ticket price: 40