How Does It Work?

After you purchase your GoBakuCard or get your Mobile Ticket your transfers from airport to hotel / hotel to airport service is provided by the company. On the day of the transfer, if you booked an Airport To Hotel transfer, the transfer company will be waiting for you with your name written on board after the exit of the baggage claim area. You are required to turn on the mobile phone you shared with us when you made the reservation, right after your plane lands so the transfer company can be in contact with you. If they can't reach you and you don't show up on time, your transfer will be deemed a No Show! Book Online your Individual Transfer or your Group Transfer with us, you will receive reliable and affordable service.

Book on the go:
Call center: +994702002821 

While making a reservation, you will be asked for all the flight details, so keep them handy. Our Customer Service is available 7/7 and 24/24.

We utilize the best local providers: reliable, serious and accurate and we offer all kind of vehicle GoBakuCard will start creating peace of mind for you, even before your trip starts. No more worrying about how you’ll get to your hotel from the airport or how you’ll have to communicate in sign language with taxi drivers… GoBakuCard now covers full of the cost of a private airport transfer from or to your hotel. Just purchase your pass and enjoy free of charge of your transfer while booking your round-way transfer.